Cappadocia Loving French Association To Save Red Church

Friday, May 25, 2007

   Speaking to the Anatolia news agency, Professor Ismet Agaryilmaz of the Yildiz Technical University’s Architecture Department, said Guzelyurt was an important part of Cappadocia region and home to a number of historic churches. He said the region was significant in terms of Orthodox denomination born in the area, and that this situation has further contributed to the importance of the region. 

   “When I first went to Guzelyurt in the 1980s, I came across pretty damaged historically important churches. Among them Red Church captured my special attention. It is actually significant for its surviving to date, because it was made up of red cut stone in the sixth century. The cruciform church, which consists of three sections, is a unique asset for Turkey’s tourism. There is a dome situated over four columns in its middle room with some cross signs in some of its sections. It was built to serve as a place of worship for Orthodox people,” he said.

   Noting that the church faced the risk of collapse, he said the structure survived around 1,500 years but was now about to collapse with even a small shake due to the fact that history couldn’t be preserved. 

   “Our aim is to prevent its collapse. The restoration costs around $ 400,000 and will be covered by the Cappadocia Lovers Association, founded by French people who are impressed by Cappadocia. We want to add the historic church to tourism,” he noted. The restoration will begin this summer.