Fly over Cappadocia in the world’s largest hot air balloon

The world’s largest hot air balloon began serving tourists in Turkey’s Cappadocia region.

  The hot air balloon was manufactured in England for a Turkish hot air balloon tour company operating in the Cappadocia region. The balloon can hold 36 people and can fly as high as 2,000 meters.

   The hot air balloon, manufactured in England over a period of eight months, is the world’s largest hot air balloon. “The balloon tours in Cappadocia are mostly preferred by foreign tourists but now it is also popular with domestic tourists. We are trying to increase the number of our balloons in order to meet the intensive demand,” Halil Uluer, the owner of the balloon tour company told the Anatolia news agency.

   Thus they had the world’s largest hot air balloon made in England. “The largest hot air balloon in the world used to be in Egypt and carried a maximum of 30 people. Our balloon, however, can carry 36 people and started to serve tourists in Cappadocia, a region most famous for its chimney rocks,” he said.