Cappadocia Horse Riding Tours

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   Experience the incredible and unusual beauty of Turkey’s Cappadocia region from the back of a horse.Something like a cross between the Grand Canyon and a moonscape, Cappadocia boasts some of the worlds most unusual and spectacular landscapes. Traversing the countless valleys and mountains by horseback brings riders in touch with the area’s breath-taking beauty. Forget the tour buses or even the rental cars – this astonishing region of Central Anatolia is truly best seen by horseback. Horse Riding may also include visits to some of Cappadocia´s incredible cultural treasures such as Byzantine churches carved inside caves, fascinating underground cities or the area’s traditional craftmaking centers.

Cappadocia Jeep Safari Tours

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   The full day Cappadocian Jeep Safari begins in the deeply set valley town of Urgup and will then drive through to the Uzengi River . The drive will take you through scenery that includes pigeon houses, the grape growing district and the near by wineries of Ortahisar.
The jeep tour will then take passengers off the beaten track with a visit to the picturesque caves of the Red Valley . The jeep safari provides the perfect opportunity to take a rest and soak up the natural beauty of the
Cappadocian scenery.

Cappadocia Trekking Tours

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    It is a region where the art of nature and human beings become one. Millions of years ago an eruption of two volcanoes, Hasan and Erciyes, covered the land of ‘Beautiful Horses’ with lava and tuff creating the colorful canvas for nature to create one of its most beautiful art. The Skillful hands of rivers carved the sculpture while the winds provided the polishing. The Tiny hands of rain placed the final touches for the art of “Mother Nature” to make it ready for mankind. Cappadocia is one of the most important civilization center of the history with its moderate climate, fertile soil and ability to hide in geography. With its strategic position on the Silk Way, Cappadocia became the melting pot of cultures.Ideal for those who enjoy walking while discovering the history and culture.

Cappadocia Bicycle Tours

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   Going through Urgup, Goreme and Zelve, the open air museum of churches and hermit dwellings hewn out of the naked rock, and the rock pinnacles pierced with the apertures of doors and windows. In the heat of summer, cyclists can cruise along in a comfort not offered by cars and coaches. And they do not have to abandon their vehicles when the roads narrow to paths. The number of cyclists is therefore steadily rising in the region. Cappadocia which has been featured in several European and American Mountain Bike magazines as one of the best places to cycle in Turkey and Europe.

Cappadocia Balloon Tours

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   Balloon Tours, the symbol of Cappadocia, are the most convenient way to see the unmatched beauties of the region. ShoeString will organise your balloon tour with a flight time duration of around one and a half hours and you’ll get to see the farthest points of Cappadocian civilization inaccessible by road.Balloon tours operate between April and November in the mornings (weather conditions permitting). There are few balloons company, with a capacity of 8, 10, 12 and 20 persons.Total tour time in a balloon: The total time includes the transfers between hotel and flight area, balloon safety briefing and preparation actual flight time and after-flight celebration with Champagne, and is approximately 4 hours. The actual flight time is approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes and if you want you can have a short flight in 45 minutes.